The winter season can be stressful for your trees. Strengthening them before the freezing temperatures set in is important so that they can easily bounce back when spring arrives. Tree fertilization will protect your trees this winter season since it provides your trees with the much-needed nutrients they need to remain strong throughout the cool winter months. Applying the fertilizer through their foliage is the most effective way to deliver these nutrients to your trees immediately.

However, if you want your trees to thrive no matter the season, you need to fertilize your trees throughout the year. Keep reading to learn more about how tree fertilization will keep your trees at their best even during the winter!

How can tree fertilization protect your trees from freezing temperatures?

Our tree health specialist fertilizing a tree by a home in Wooster, OH.

The frigid cold of the winter season can be tough on your trees. With the freezing temperatures, scarce sunlight, and frozen ground, you need to protect your trees by giving them the essential nutrients they need to power through winter. Tree fertilization will provide these vital nutrients to your plants:

  • Nitrogen: Nitrogen is responsible for the ability of your trees to develop their lush green color and foliage growth.
  • Phosphorus: This nutrient plays a vital role in your trees' ability to turn sunlight into food. By providing them with phosphorus, your trees will have the food that they need to remain healthy throughout the winter season.
  • Potassium: In the winter, your trees require strong and deep roots to survive the freezing temperatures. Potassium will take care of the robust root development of your trees.

Foliar Spraying Is the Most Effective Way to Deliver Nutrients to Your Trees

There are different ways to deliver fertilizer to your trees. You can inject the product through the trunk or apply granules on the soil. However, the most effective tree fertilization application is through foliar spraying, which involves water-soluble fertilizers that are applied directly to the foliage of your trees. Leaves have openings on their surfaces where the macronutrients in the fertilizer can enter and circulate throughout your plants. This method quickly delivers the nutrients to your trees and ensures they can immediately benefit from the fertilizer treatments.

When is the best time to fertilize your trees?

To ensure your trees are protected from the freezing temperatures ahead, fertilizing your trees through foliar spraying before the winter season is a good idea. It ensures your trees have access to much-needed macronutrients and protection before they go dormant in the winter. However, if you want your trees and other plants to remain healthy no matter the season, tree fertilization should be done all year-round.

Aside from protecting your trees from the frigid winter, you also need to ensure they remain healthy during the summer heat. Meanwhile, fertilizing in the spring gives your trees the boost they need to grow and bounce back from dormancy. Giving your trees the essential resources they need throughout the year will allow them to fight off diseases and fend off insect infestations!

We recommend hiring a professional team to fertilize your trees and other plants to ensure proper and even distribution of the product.

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