Lawn fertilizer prepared for application in a Mansfield, OH yard.

You wouldn't use shampoo without conditioner or conditioner without shampoo- because both elements play a different part in the health of your hair. They both work toward an overall goal where one cleans your hair and the other restores moisture and nutrients.

This relationship is similar to the way lawn pre-emergent and fertilization works. They both play a unique position in improving the health and appearance of your lawn. Fertilizer is designed to replenish your lawn with nutrients so that it grows healthy and green. On the other hand, pre-emergent focuses on stopping invasive plants from stealing water and nutrients from your lawn grass and roots. When your lawn receives both of these treatments, it becomes less susceptible to issues like lawn disease, insect infestations, and discolored patches.

Pre-emergent is a treatment that prevents weed seeds from germinating.

A healthy, green lawn simply can't exist with the presence of unsightly weeds in the midst. The purpose of pre-emergent is to prevent weed seeds from germinating, blocking them before they even get a chance to spring up. It's important to know that pre-emergents cannot treat weeds that already exist within your lawn, it's simply a preventative measure. The process of preventing weeds is pretty straightforward. Pre-emergent creates a barrier below the soil that creates an unhealthy environment for weeds to germinate.

There are 3 key principles to adhere to when applying a pre-emergent:

  • The treatment must be mixed correctly to be effective
  • A certain amount of water is required for treatment to be activated
  • The right time to apply pre-emergent varies across different weed types

It's important to have a professional lawn care company apply pre-emergent treatments because they're highly trained and familiar with these key principles. They'll ensure that your weed control treatment yields the best results.

Fertilizer is essentially your lawn's food and source of nutrients.

Yes, your lawn needs sunlight and water to grow but if you want your lawn to have a growth spurt- feed it fertilizer. Over time, your soil loses important nutrients due to weeds, irrigation, and current weather conditions. Fertilizer replenishes your lawn with three essential nutrients so that it remains healthy. Without one or the other, your grass will slowly begin to die off.

These 3 nutrients found in fertilizer are your lawn's favorite treats:

  • Nitrogen- improves the health of the soil which creates a healthy environment for grass blades to grow in
  • Phosphorous- this element promotes root growth which in turn stimulates grass blade growth
  • Potassium- helps with photosynthesis and increases turf's resistance to drought and disease

Besides feeding your lawn important nutrients, fertilizer also contains various vitamins that actually green up your lawn. Simply put, healthy and nourished grass equals a lush, green lawn! If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry, our lawn care professionals are happy to apply this treatment for you.

How does pre-emergent and fertilizer work together?

Applying weed control treatments to a lawn in Ashland, OH.

Pre-emergent and fertilizer work as a team to combine both of their purposes in the fight against lawn diseases, insects, and weed infestations. Pre-emergent is applied first and is your lawn's greatest defense against these nutrient-sapping plants. Fertilizer is applied after pre-emergent, closer to the growing season of summer.

As you learned earlier, fertilizer is your lawn's primary food source that keeps grass thriving and green. Without these nutrients, your grass growth will begin to hault and you'll start to notice yellowing patches with your lawn. Invasive plants like weeds grow deep roots and are very stubborn when attempting to pull them. They feed off your grass and soil's nutrients, leaving your lawn on the brink of shriveling and browning. All in all, fertilizer supplies your grass with nutrients while pre-emergent prevents weeds from stealing those nutrients.

Give your lawn full protection with our pre-emergent and fertilizer treatments.

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