Most insect bites are unpleasant, but some bugs carry infectious diseases. Ticks and fleas thrive in tall grass and shrubs. Learning how to maintain a lawn to reduce or eliminate the flea and tick population on a property will protect both humans and animals from potentially dangerous bites.

Ohio Green Lawn & Pest is the leading lawn care company serving Mansfield, Ashland, Wooster, Ohio and surrounding locations. After years of caring for lawns throughout the area, our experts understand how to keep flea and tick populations down with our five-treatment flea and tick control program.

Ticks & Fleas Can Cause Lyme Disease, Typhus & More

Fleas on a potential client's pet.

Even if the insect doesn’t transmit an illness, their bites can still be irritating. Tick bites will cause inflammation around the area while flea bites tend to itch. If you or a family member gets bitten by a flea or a tick, it's important to keep an eye on the bite area and watch for indicative signs of transmittable diseases. Some of these diseases include:

  • Lyme Disease: A bacterial infection from deer and black-legged ticks
  • Meningoencephalitis: A tick-borne Encephalitis virus that attacks the nervous system
  • Ehrlichiosis: A potentially deadly bacterial disease from lone star ticks
  • Plague: A potentially fatal bacterial illness from fleas
  • Typhus: A bacterial infection from fleas

Decrease the fleas and ticks on your lawn by mowing, removing debris, and more.

The best way to know how to limit the number of fleas and ticks on your lawn is to know where they thrive. These insects prefer to live in tall grass, sheds, and debris where they can have shade and humidity. When humans and animals walk around these areas, the chances of getting bitten increase. Some ways you can prevent ticks and fleas from taking over your property include:

  • Mowing Regularly: These insects love to hide in the shade, making tall grass a good environment. By cutting your grass regularly and keeping the lawn at the appropriate height, you can force the critters to seek shelter elsewhere.
  • Removing Debris: Other hiding places for ticks and fleas are litter, fallen leaves, and overgrown shrubs. Keep your yard neat to reduce their hiding places.
  • Applying Cedar Mulch: Cedarwood chips have natural insect-deterring properties, so you can use them around garden beds and shrubbery to keep pests away.
  • Keeping Wildlife at Bay: Ticks and fleas will bite any animal. The more animals on your property, the more fleas and ticks there are going to be. Keep deer, squirrels, and other animals off your property by removing feeders that could attract them.

Our flea and tick program will keep your family and pets safe.

We offer flea and tick control with a five-treatment program. This means that our crew will visit your property 5 times for 5 different treatments to keep fleas and ticks away from your home or business. Our first treatment is in April and our last is in October. This 6-month period is when fleas and ticks are thriving in the warmer temperatures. When you enroll in the program, we will treat your property every four to five weeks using a liquid treatment that is safe for children and pets.

Our flea and tick control is long-lasting so that you and your family can safely spend time outdoors without worrying about getting bites from these dangerous insects.

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The team at Ohio Green Lawn & Pest understands the dangers of infectious diseases from insect bites. Aside from our flea and tick program, we also offer expert lawn care services for a long-term solution for insect control. We offer our services to homes and businesses in the Mansfield, Ohio area including Ashland and Wooster. Call us today at (419) 528-5698 to receive a quote.