After one fertilizer application, you may feel that you've done all you can for your lawn and can just sit back, but your lawn actually needs multiple fertilization treatments throughout the year to thrive. In Ohio, we have cool-season grass like bluegrasses, fescues, and ryegrasses, so we will need to fertilize our lawns in spring, summer, and fall to ensure they have the year-round support they need. Spring fertilization will help bring your grass out of its winter dormancy and encourage new growth. The summer treatment will help bolster your lawn so it can survive the heat, which is perhaps the biggest challenge for cool-season grasses. Applying fertilizer in the fall will replenish any nutrients lost over the summer and prepare the grass for its upcoming winter dormancy, where it'll need all the nutrients it can get to survive the freezing winter. Each fertilization treatment strengthens your lawn and gives it the resources needed to tackle the individual challenges every season brings!

Spring fertilization will help bring your grass out of winter dormancy.

Spring fertilization is probably the most widely understood and performed treatment of the year. Everyone is pumped to get their grass out of dormancy and back to its lush state! All through winter, your grasses have been biding their time, surviving on stored energy during the cold months.

Once the temperature starts to warm the soil up, your grasses will receive the signal to begin to grow and start to consume nutrients at an increased rate. It's important to provide it with those nutrients so that it can properly break dormancy and have the resources it needs to thrive. You'll generally want to have your spring fertilization treatment applied when the soil temperature reaches around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Summer fertilizer will help your lawn survive the hot summer weather.

Summer is a tough time of the year for cool-season grass. The heat stresses the lawn and depletes nutrients in the turf, and it can even make your grass enter summer dormancy. While there's nothing technically wrong with your grass entering a summer dormancy – it does that to conserve energy and survive stress – it will leave you with a brown lawn that is less than ideal to look at. However, applying summer fertilizer will bolster your lawn, help it to avoid dormancy, and keep it looking great throughout the hot summer.

Prepare your lawn for the winter by scheduling a fall fertilization treatment.

The time of pumpkin spice and breezy weather has arrived! Your cool-season grass will be loving this and growing like crazy, but don't let that lull you into a false sense of security. Winter is just on the horizon, and you need to make sure your lawn is ready. Scheduling a fertilization treatment over fall will replenish nutrients lost during the harsh summer heat and prepare the grass for winter dormancy.

Like a squirrel collecting nuts for winter, your lawn is collecting resources and energy all fall to store for the winter, when it will be rationing resources to survive the days ahead. By fertilizing in the fall, you're giving your grass a huge jumpstart by supplying them with the nutrients they will need to get through the winter.

Fall is the perfect time for scheduling aeration as this service will make it easier for the roots of your grass to access essential nutrients.

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