The summer heat may have taken a toll on your lawn and soon it will face the cold winter season. This is what makes the fall season critical for your lawn. You might find yourself overwhelmed by all the tips and tricks on how you should take care of your grass in the fall, but you only need to focus on these four services: core aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and weed control. These lawn care services will strengthen your grass, protect it from weeds, and promote fuller growth so your grass will survive the winter season with flying colors! Keep reading to learn more about how these services benefit your turf in the fall.

Core Aeration Loosens Your Soil to Allow Nutrients In

Core aeration equipment used at a home in Wooster Heights, Ohio.

Strengthening your lawn before the winter season rolls around should be your priority. One of the best ways you can do that is by scheduling a core aeration service to loosen any compaction in your soil. Compaction prevents essential nutrients, water, and sunlight from reaching your root system. Core aeration will open up passageways so that your root system gets everything it needs to thrive. These extra nutrients will help heal your lawn from the summer heat and give your grass the strength to face the freezing temperatures head-on.

In the Mansfield, OH area, it is so important to schedule core aeration in the fall. This is because our area has cool-season grass, which is at its strongest point in the fall season and can heal quickly from being perforated before the snow begins to fall.

Schedule Overseeding for Thicker Grass Growth

Overseeding will fill in any patchy areas so your lawn will look more vibrant and full of life. This is best scheduled after core aeration when the seeds can settle into perfectly prepared soil. Because core aeration creates channels for better access and absorption of essential resources, overseeding becomes more effective and the chances of seed germination increase.

You should overseed your lawn in the fall because:

  • It promotes lush grass growth so that you can welcome a thriving lawn in the spring.
  • Fewer weeds germinate in the fall when compared to the spring. This means that the new grass seeds don't have to compete as much for nutrients.
  • Rainfall is more frequent in the fall, giving your overseeded lawn the hydration it needs to thrive.

Applying a fertilizer treatment in the fall improves your lawn's health.

Lawn care worker holding lawn fertilizer for use in Mansfield, Ohio.

Fertilizers supply crucial macronutrients to improve your turf's health and strengthen it in time for winter. Fall is critical for your lawn because it comes after the stressful summer and before the harsh winter, which is why you should never forget to fertilize during this season. While fertilizers primarily aim to promote growth, the fall season is when your lawn starts to store energy and food for winter. There is also enough time for your grass to absorb a good portion of the treatment to use throughout the winter months, so make sure you take advantage of that.

The cooler temperatures in fall also provide ideal conditions to fertilize your lawn. The stress-free environment during this season allows your grass to absorb the nutrients much easier, resulting in a stronger turf that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Prevent weeds from stealing nutrients away from your grass.

When you're preparing your lawn for winter, the last thing you want is to have pesky weeds take away all your effort by stealing nutrients from your grass. This is what makes weed control a crucial fall lawn care service you should never overlook. Weed control in the fall will prevent weed growth and remove existing weeds, so all the nutrients you are providing your lawn won't go to waste.

Most weeds are starting to prepare to go dormant in the fall, making them vulnerable and easy to eliminate with weed control.

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The fall season is a critical moment for your lawn because it is starting to prepare and store up energy for the harsh winter season. At Ohio Green Lawn & Pest we provide lawn care services that will give your grass what it needs to heal from the summer heat and prepare for winter. We offer core aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and weed control services to properties in Mansfield, Ashland, Wooster, OH and surrounding communities. Call us today at (419) 528-5698 to schedule our services!