Fall is almost here, which means it's time to prepare your property for the cool winter ahead. In Mansfield, OH this also means protecting your property from unwanted pests seeking a warm home for the winter.

A good perimeter pest control specialist can protect your property from multiple insect types. These outdoor treatments effectively prevent common pests from getting inside and eliminates pests who've already made a home on your property. In addition to keeping pests outdoors, perimeter pest control also keeps chemicals outside your home.

Our effective perimeter pest control protects your property against many insect types.

Spider crawling on a bed in Mansfield, Ohio.

Since most pests invade your property to escape the outdoors, perimeter pest control is an effective deterrent. Bugs come inside for the winter in search of food, water, and warm shelter. Often when you receive uninvited guests you end up with multiple pest types. That's why many professional perimeter pest control specialists use products capable of ridding your property of various bugs.

Here in Mansfield, OH, the insects you're most likely to encounter include:

  • Spiders - Although spiders help fight off other pests, you still don't want them near you as some can inflict dangerous bites.
  • Ants - When ants make their way inside, they generally come en masse and can be difficult to evict. That's where perimeter pest control comes in handy.
  • Earwigs - While not dangerous to pets or humans, earwigs are highly unsightly. They also attract and carry bacteria and can pinch. So you definitely don't want to share a space with them.
  • Pillbugs - The pillbug rolls into a tight ball when encountering anything it doesn't like. They aren't harmful. However, since spiders eat them, pillbug infestations often lead to spider issues.
  • Silverfish - This pest is a nuisance that can inflict significant property damage. The silverfish often destroys food, clothes, books, etc.
  • Stinkbugs - They don't bite or cause direct harm but stink bugs can contaminate food and emit a putrid odor when they feel threatened.

Perimeter pest control treatments can drive each of these pests from your property and bar them from re-entry.

Professional perimeter pest control treatments are thorough and block entry into your home.

Pest control treatments being sprayed around a yard near a home in Ashland, OH.

Pests enter your property by finding entrances with the lowest barriers of entry. So, pest control technicians can bar access to your home or business by spraying around the perimeter and entryways. Doing so creates an invisible but formidable protection barrier against the common pests found in this area.

On average, a single treatment can last up to 45 days. These treatments are effective in part because of the systematic process most technicians use to apply each application.

They typically spray:

  • Several feet up the walls
  • Several feet outwards and onto the lawn
  • Door frames, window frames, and other typical entry and exit points

Technicians come out to perform treatment regularly up to 5 times a year. This pest control strategy offers year-long protection from bugs.

You don't have to worry about chemicals inside your home with perimeter pest control.

Although spraying indoors can be helpful in some situations, it's not for everyone. For example, some residents are sensitive to the chemicals while others have pet concerns that make indoor treatments impractical.

On the other hand, when you hire a perimeter pest control professional you present a strong barrier to bugs—without exposing your loved ones or yourself to chemicals. That's because the goal of perimeter pest control is to keep both pests and chemicals outdoors.

Since perimeter pest control treatments are safe, there's no need to leave when the technician arrives. Instead, you get to continue your daily routine uninterrupted.

Keep bugs away this winter with our perimeter pest control treatment. Call us now to schedule!

Many property owners will receive uninvited guests this winter. However, this doesn't have to be you. Perimeter pest control adds a strong barrier of protection to your property. In addition to being powerful, perimeter pest treatments are convenient. The treatments are also capable of driving out bugs that have already gotten inside your home or office.

If you're in Mansfield, Ashland, Wooster, or nearby areas in Ohio, you can keep pests away by scheduling a perimeter pest control treatment. If you're already seeing creepy crawlers inside, don't let the problem fester. Ready to send those bugs a strong message? Call us now at (419) 528-5698 to schedule your perimeter pest control treatment.